Thermal Transfer Tire Labels

The thermal transfer tire label is the type of label most commonly used in the OEM tire market. They are manufactured with a thermal transfer printable white BOPP film, a specially formulated rubber-based adhesive, a thick liner and a premium release for automatic labelling equipment. Offered completely preprinted, partially preprinted or non-printed.



Direct Thermal Tire Labels

Thanks to our 4DE technology, tire labels can now be used with most thermal and portable printers.



Laser and INKJET Sheets

Our 4DE technology provides durable labels that can be used without the risk of jamming the laser or INKJET printers.

Available in 8.5×11 sheets or any custom sizes, on plain paper, water-resistant paper, polyester, synthetic paper or foil.



INKJET Water-Based Labels

Bizerba Tekno Label has partnered with AstroNova, a tire label supplier. Together, we have developed a system that allows our customers to print custom labels on demand. With the AstroNova printer and our 4DE labels, you can now produce any label pattern on demand. Perfect for warehouses wishing to relabel tires or for those needing labels in small quantities or for different label models.



Technical Specifications

  • Face OR Front Film: 60 microns (2.6 mils) white BOPP with proprietary coating to prevent yellowing. INKJET products have an exclusive coating for water-based dye and pigment inks.
  • Adhesive: Our pattern coated adhesive is specially designed for tire labelling. A high coat weight translates into a strong bond. The four sides of each label have a 4 mm (4DE) edge that prevents oozing and printer jams.
  • Liner: Our 80 g / m² (3.2 mm) white liner provides the perfect thickness, stability and efficiency for an optimal labelling process.
  • Roll Size: Thanks to our 4DE technology, rolls can be up to 300 mm in diameter. Available for thermal transfers, direct thermal and INKJET labels.