In 2016, Bizerba, a world leader in slicing and weighing equipment, acquires Tekno Label. Bizerba Tekno Label Inc. provides its customers with more than 25 years of expertise in specialized label printing and manufacturing.

Our expertise in manufacturing self-adhesive materials allows us to offer an optimal product that is tailored to the specific needs of our customers.


The 4 Dry Edges (4DE) technology

After several years of research, we are proud to present the 4DE technology, a revolution in the tire labelling industry. This Ooze-Free technology allows more labels per roll plus an unbeatable performance when using automatic labelling equipment. 4DE solves any tire labelling issues while being eco-responsible and cost effective.

Tire labelling is problematic. The tire’s porous and uneven surface requires a suitable labelling technique. The conditions under which the tires are stored require a certain degree of adherence and a precise durability until the tires are mounted on wheels. Misplaced labels inevitably result in financial loss. Our expertise in the industry allows us to ensure consistency in the quality of products, from the time the labels are manufactured, applied on tires then when tires are stored. Bizerba Tekno Label offers high yield labels tailored to these needs.